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  • I would like to participate actively. What do I need to do?
    By opting for the PACES Pro Plan, you gain the ability to secure an active slot in your desired course for an additional fee of 50 GBP per course. With this option, you will actively participate in every session of the course.
  • Where will I get an access to Boot Camp Notes?
    Boot Camp Notes are available on our mobile app. Our mobile app can be downloaded from both Apple store and Android store.
  • What is PACES Pro Plan?
    PACES Pro Plan grants you to attend as a listener for 4 months. We usually conduct courses at least once every two months. If you would like to participate actively, you will need to pay additional 50 GBP per course, rather than the full price.
  • How will the courses be conducted?
    All sessions are live and courses are conducted online through Zoom.
  • How will I be supported once the courses are over?
    You will be supported until the day of your exam. You can attend as many courses as you like for the validity of your Pro Plan. Once the courses are over, you will be invited to join a dedicated Alumni support group - where all of your questions will be answered. You will also have the opportunity to interact with other candidates who are preparing for the exam.
  • Can I attend just one course?
    Yes, you can still join courses individually. Just go to
  • Will I get recordings for the sessions I cannot attend?
    Yes, recordings will be available on our mobile app for 7 days from the day of the session.
  • How long will the mock exam last?
    The full mock exam is expected to last approximately three hours.
  • How will I get the feedback?
    After completing the mock exam, we will review each station together, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Within a few days, candidates will receive a marksheet with detailed feedback, helping them to address weaknesses and further enhance their strengths..
  • How will the mock exam be conducted?
    The mock exam will be conducted online, with examination stations requiring candidates to talk through their examination process while the examiner will show you pictures, audio files and video files of the clinical signs. The remaining stations, including history taking, communication, presentation, and discussion, will follow the same format as the actual exam.
  • Will the stations be timed?
    Yes, all the stations will be timed.
  • Why do you need to take a full mock exam for the PACES Exam?
    By taking the full mock exam, candidates will have the chance to reflect on their performance under exam pressure and identify areas of strength and weakness. Additionally, the mock exam will help improve stamina, ensuring candidates are fully prepared for the actual exam.
  • Will this be One-to-One session?
    Yes, this will be a one-to-one session.
  • Who should take the Exclusive Mentorship Programme?
    Our programme is designed for anyone who is preparing for the MRCP PACES exam, whether you are a beginner or someone who is taking the exam soon. Our sessions will be adjusted to your needs and level of experience.
  • What stations can I practise?
    The program encompasses all five stations, providing comprehensive coverage. Additionally, you have the flexibility to focus on specific stations of your choice, as the sessions are fully customizable and designed to cater to your individual needs.
  • What is the Exclusive Mentorship Programme?
    Our 1:1 mentorship programme consists of 20 hours of tailored teaching and practice sessions to help you prepare for the MRCP PACES exam. We will cover all 5 stations of the exam and provide a Full Mock MRCP PACES Exam in the last session, which is included in the package and does not require any additional payment.
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