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PACES Foundation Course

What will be covered in this session?

  • Introduction: An overview of the MRCP PACES exam and its importance for candidates taking the new format of MRCP PACES examination. 

  • Exam Format: Explanation of the exam format, including the number of stations, types of stations, and the time allotted for each station

  • Marking System: Explanation of the marking system, including how each station is marked and what the examiners look for in each station

  • Station Types: Detailed discussion of the different station types, including the consultation, communication and physical examination stations

  • Tips and Strategies: Proven tips and strategies for each station, including how to approach the station, common mistakes to avoid, and how to maximise your marks.

Who is eligible to attend?

  • All candidates who have secured a place in Diet 2

  • All candidates who are planning to take the MRCP PACES Exam in 2024

  • Diet 1, 2024 candidates are welcome to attend


  • This session is offered FREE of charge, however, we ask that you attend the session and respect each other.


  • 16 & 23 March, 2024 (Saturday) - You need to attend both days 


  • The session will begin at 10:00 AM London Time.


  • ​Approximately 2 hours 


Please note: Once you have booked, you will be directed to the exclusive Whatsapp group. Please make sure you join the group as the link to the session will be shared exclusively within this channel. 

PACES Foundation Course 


  • 16 & 23 March, 2024 (Saturday)


  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon (London Time)


  • Free of charge


  • Zoom

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